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Milton Pleasure League Rules and Regulations

  1. All games will consist of 3 twenty minute periods of run time. There will be stop time in the last minute of play if there is less than a 2 goal differential in the score.

  2. There is to be NO body contact. A minor penalty, or, at the discretion of the referee, a 5 minute major penalty, will be assessed for violation of this rule. The puck carrier can also be called for body contact.

  3. No SLAP shots are allowed. Raising the stick more than 6 inches off the ice will be classified as a slap shot. A minor penalty shall be assessed for violation of this rule. If an injury to an opponent results, a Major penalty shall be assessed. A player who uses the action of a Fake Slap Shot for the purpose or intimidating an opposing player and/or opposing goalkeeper shall be assessed a Minor penalty.

  4. The use of a “SNAP shot” is allowed. The “snap shot” is to bring the stick back behind the players feet a maximum of 15 inches either on or off the ice and to shoot the puck in wrist shot fashion (the puck must remain on
    the players stick).

  5. Making contact with the puck with a stick above the knee is not permitted. Violation of this rule will result in a faceoff in the offending team’s zone.

  6. There is no red line, icing has to cross over both blue lines.

  7. Minor penalties shall be 2 minutes in length. Time will commence upon the drop of the puck.

  8. Coincidental penalties shall result in players from both teams serving their penalties but teams will not play shorthanded.

  9. All players are required (at minimum) to wear a CSA approved helmet with 1/2 visor (full cage recommended), mouth guard (if wearing 1/2 visor) and chinstrap.

  10. Players receiving 3 minor penalties in one game will also be assessed a game ejection (GE).

  11. The referee, at his discretion may also assess a game ejection (GE) for any other cause, including unsportsmanlike conduct.


a) A player who has received a game ejection (GE) from 2 games will receive a one game suspension.  Three or more game ejections will result in more suspensions as determined by the Discipline Committee.

b) Players receiving a major penalty will also be ejected from the game (GE) and be assessed a game misconduct (GM).

c) Any player receiving a game misconduct (GM) shall also receive a minimum one game suspension.

d) Any player receiving a second game misconduct (GM) in the same season shall receive a minimum 3 game suspension.

e) Any player receiving a third game misconduct (GM) over two seasons shall be removed from the league.

f) Notice of a suspension will be served by the league President (in his absence, the Vice President) to the team rep. The team rep will serve notice to the player and see that the suspension is served.

g) All above suspensions are the MINIMUM that shall be applied. Suspensions of a greater length may be applied at the discretion of the Discipline Committee.

h) The league reserves the right to permanently suspend a player

12. Game Sheets. Team Reps shall provide a list of players and their numbers to the time keeper before every game.

13. Unless covered above, the rules of Hockey Canada shall apply.

Dated of issue; August 7, 2008

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