Date: September 3 2020

Subject: Sunday Morning hockey season cancelled 


Thanks  to  everyone who  replied  to  our  recent  survey. Of  124 players , only  56  replied  yes, that  they intended  to  play.

There  still is  much uncertainty regarding  a 'second wave' especially once  school  starts and how well we could operate  under  all  the  restrictions that  the  town  has put in place.

For  this  reason, it has  been  decided NOT  to  run a Sunday morning  season  this  year.

The town has promised us that  we  can  keep our  time slots  for next  season, when hopefully, COVID  will be  behind us. 

Have  a  good  winter and  stay  safe.

Welcome to the Milton Pleasure League (Oldtimers Hockey) website. Our league operates October to March and we play our games Sunday mornings at the John Tonelli Sports Centre Arena in Milton. We are a 10 team League and have 140+ members. Our members are all Milton residents and are age 40 or more. The league has operated since October 1980. The league's philosophy of fun, fellowship and fair play has been the cornerstone of our success. Our league is a not for profit organization which is operated by unpaid volunteers. 

Milton Pleasure League