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Entry to new players is granted on a first come first serve basis, provided that the player meets eligibility requirements (such as age 40+ and be a resident of Milton). In order to be cued on the wait list, players must submit a registration form to the league.

It is common that new players may need to remain Wait Listed for one season or more. In the case of Goalies, the wait is usually longer.

When the league has an opening, player applicants’ who are Wait Listed will be contacted by the League and offered the spot. If a player waives the offer, they may choose to remain Wait Listed, and the League will make the offer to the next eligible player.

Players seeking entry will be designated the Spares List while they wait a permanent opening. Players who play as spare will pay a nominal fee for each game ($20.00 payment sent to 

Players may gain entry at the start of the season, and if so they are required to pay the full annual Registration Fee.

Once a player has gained entry and has played one full season, that player will become a permanent player member of the League. (However, any member can have their membership revoked by the League, should the League determine.)

Players may also gain entry in the middle of the season, should the League determine they wish to replace an existing player who declares they cannot continue the season due to injury. In this case, the player who gains entry will be required to pay a prorated share of the registration fee (as determined by the League).

Former player member’s whom are seeking to reenter the league are granted Tenured Priority on new openings.

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